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Fantastic Pieces at Our Lodi, CA Oriental Statuary

If your artistic style has an eastern influence, such as Asian themes and religious pieces, you may find a perfect addition to your statue collection at Lomeli Statuary’s Lodi, CA oriental statuary. We offer customers one of the area’s largest selections in oriental statuary, including beautiful Buddhas and the Foo Dogs. Our pieces are an ideal choice to dress up your Chinese or Japanese garden, no matter what types of statues and sculptures you want. You can search our garden and discover a wide variety of pieces to consider, such as decorative wall art, benches, and sculptures. We’re always happy to guide you through finding and purchasing a beautiful piece, and we offer delivery throughout the Bay Area.

group of oriental statues of god

Tasteful Artistic Sculptures, Wall Art & Benches

Lomeli Statuary understands how difficult it can be to decorate your garden or outdoor space with thoughtful artwork and statues. We proudly offer a wide selection of oriental statuary pieces for you to complement your space, made with quality workmanship and materials. These pieces will last for years and lend your outdoor space a more creative atmosphere. Our Buddhas and other sculptures, wall art, and benches work well at home or on your business property. We’ve described each option below

Commercial Use

An office building, retail storefront, and restaurant courtyard can all enhance their comfort and appeal with a garden area or beautiful artistic pieces. We specialize in selling durable and thoughtful sculptures, wall art, and benches with an oriental theme to complete your outdoor look and give your staff and guests a peaceful, attractive environment. If your taste leans toward far east plant life and ornamental pieces to adorn your outdoor spaces, our garden has a wide assortment of tasteful items.

Residential Décor

You put a lot of time and work into your home’s surrounding gardens, whether you do it yourself or have a gardener or landscaper care for it. High-quality oriental sculptures, wall art, and benches can enhance your garden’s beauty and make your investment more worthwhile. Your family and guests can enjoy a tranquil, relaxing scenery of plant life and artwork, making your property a more appealing place with improved aesthetic value.

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